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At AML, we focus on the creation, development and optimization of manufacturing processes that involve the need for active control of fluid interfaces, such as Thermal Fiber Drawing from a Preform, Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Processing, Flow Mold Casting (FMC), and 3D Printing.

In-situ Sensing Systems

We design, fabricate, and characterize advanced sensing systems for in-situ monitoring and control tasks that require artificial intelligence, high resolution, high speed, minimum footprint, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost with applications in manufacturing, wearable electronics, cyber-physical networks and autonomous systems.


Complex Fluids and Interfacial Physics

We establish measurement methods and build customized instruments to quantify the fundamental structure-property relationships of fluids and their interfaces that are difficult to measure yet critical to the understanding of their processing. 

Nanoscale Transport Phenomena

We conduct experimental, theoretical and computational studies of the mass, momentum, and energy transport of fluids at nanoscale to elucidate the fundamental processing-structure relationships in manufacturing processes that involve the control of fluid interfaces at scales beyond the continuum limit.